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Qingdao Benzo Chemical Company Limited, as a chemical supplier for the global market, is committed to research, developing, manufacturing, marketing and technical services in relation to fine chemicals and oil field chemicals. The company is pioneer in TPC, IPC in China and currently the largest producer of DEET in Asia. Also it maintains leading position in domestic market for Pesticides, Acid Chlorides, High Carbon Alcohol and High Carbon Aldehyde. Its products are widely exported to the United States, Japan, Korea, Europe, southeast Asia and other countries.

The company whose production base is located in Qingdao has two wholly-owned subsidiaries in China, which are Chengdu Xinhuayuan Technology Co., Ltd and Weifang Benzo Chemical Company Limited. Chengdu Xinhuayuan Technology Co., Ltd, located in Chengdu, Sichuan province, is a national high-tech enterprise and in control of High Carbon Alcohol and High Carbon Aldehyde core production technology with independent intellectual property rights. Weifang benzo chemical Company Limited is the most advanced production base for Acid Chlorides products in China.

The company will be more focused on the developing of Acyl chlorination and hydrogen formylation and aspire to become the industry leader, which will devote itself to endless innovation, win-win cooperation, staff welfare and social commitment.