About us
Human Resources


We adhere to the philosophy of ¡°people-oriented, performance-driven, and grow with staff together¡± and bring each one¡¯s ability into full play.

We bringing up, attract and make the best use of talents, build a professional team made up of management people and technical people and provide strong talent power for rapid development of the company.

We focus on improvement of capability of human resources and make it as core of personnel training. Centering on construction of innovation ability, we innovate the mechanism, content and method of training, put more intention into training, intensify the main-body status of enterprise in human-training, adhere to association of study and practice to push professional people to be more knowledgable and capable in practice.

We accelerate adjustment of human structure, optimize disposition of human resources, promote reasonable appointment of human resources and make use of whole function of human team.

We innovate talents working system and optimize working environment, build up robust working mechanism, create a good atmosphere which will benefit staff development, and form such social environment to encourage people in doing business, support people to succeed in business and help people to do business better.