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Frequently Asked Questions

1, how to retrieve the information on this site?
Simply enter the keyword in the upper right corner of the website "Search Content" box, and then press the Enter key or click the right of the search box "go" button, information retrieval can be achieved on this site.

2, how to print the page text content?
To print the page text content, you can click the right mouse button on the top of the browser "File" menu or the selection, select "Print" option, and selected item to be printed.

3, how to save web page text?
On top of the browser "File" menu, select "Save As", select the files needed "Save as type" to save.

4, how to use e-mail to send the current page?
On top of the browser "File" menu, click "Send", according to the needs of select, click "Email this page" or "e-mail link", fill in the content in the message window, you can send a message.

5, why not open the page?
When the Internet via LAN, LAN exports by bandwidth limitations, at the site because of timeout errors when connecting easily lead to sites not connected, open the page, in most cases you can simply refresh.

6 when you browse the web, how to deal with the garbled.

When you find the garbled at browsing the web, you can solve it by this way. Using IE6, IE7 browsing the web, you can click on the "code" of "view" menu, then choose GB2312 "simplified Chinese" to solve it.