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Chloride products

The Chloride products of Benzo can be used as the monomers of polyamide, polyester, poly aromatic esters, aromatic polyamide, liquid crystal polymers, Kevlar 1313 (Nomax), also be used as the intermediates of organic synthesis, dyes, pesticides and pharmaceutical. These products have broad market prospects.

Product information    

English name                    Molecular formula        CAS            Detail 

Isophthaloyl dichloride        C8H4Cl2O2                    99-63-8         Detail£®PDF£©

Terephthaloyl chloride        C8H4Cl2O2                    100-20-9       Detail£®PDF£©

Trimesoyl chloride              C9H3Cl3O3                    4422-95-1     Detail£®PDF£©

Valeryl chloride                   C5H9ClO                       638-29-9       Detail£®PDF£©

Propionyl chloride               C3H5CO                        79-03-8         Detail£®PDF£©