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Benzo has a leading technical advantage in terms of Hydroformylation and catalytic hydrogenation. The latest catalytic system has high selectivity in catalytic ethylene, propylene, butylene and long-chain alkene hydroformylation production. In present, it is in the leading position in China.

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English name              Molecular formula          CAS                    Detail

Valeraldehyde              C5H10O                          110-62-3                 Detail£®PDF£©

Isovaleraldehyde          C5H10O                          590-86-3                 Detail£®PDF£©

N-Valeric                      C5H10O2                         109-52-4                 Detail£®PDF£© 

Isovaleric acid              C5H10O2                         503-74-2                 Detail£®PDF£©

Propionic acid              C3H6O2                           79-09-4                  Detail£®PDF£©