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Other Fine Chemicals

Benzo provides pesticides original drug, chloride products, hydroformylation products and chlorination, hydrogenation products to customers. At the same time, Benzo also provides other fine chemicals such as methacrylic acid, ammonia toluene acid, phosphine rhodium catalysts and ligands and 4-(Chloromethyl)benzoic acid to customers

Product information    

English name                                Molecular formula            CAS                Detail 

4-(Chloromethyl)benzoic acid         C8H7ClO2                          1642-81-5        Detail£®PDF£©

m-Toluicacid                                   C8H8O2                              99-04-7            Detail£®PDF£©

minomethylbenzoic Acid                 C8H9NO2                           56-91-7            Detail£®PDF£©

TPPTS                                            C68H12Na3O9PS3               63995-70-0      Detail£®PDF£©

3,5-Dimethylbenzoic acid               C9H10O2                             499-06-9          Detail£®PDF£©

Methyl Chloride                              CH3CL                                74-87-3           Detail£®PDF£©