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Oilfield chemicals

The drilling oil additives of Benzo include fluid loss agent, blocking anti-collapse, lubricants, de-card agent. These products can meet the requirement of oilfield operations under different geological conditions.

Product information    

English name                                                                                                                  Detail 

Sulfomethyl Phenol Formaldehyde Resin£®PDF£©                                                           Detail£®PDF£©

Anti-high temperature and Anti-high pressure Filtration reducer£®PDF£©                        Detail£®PDF£©

Low and Medium Temperature Resin Asphalt for Drilling Fluid Introduction£®PDF£©      Detail£®PDF£©        

Emulsifier Introduction £®PDF£©                                                                                       Detail£®PDF£©

Quick Penetrating Agent£®PDF£©                                                                                     Detail£®PDF£©

Defoaming agent£®PDF£©                                                                                                Detail£®PDF£©

Emulsified Cationic Asphalt Introduction£®PDF£©                                                            Detail£®PDF£©

The Lignite Resin£®PDF£©                                                                                                Detail£®PDF£©

The Lubricant for Drilling Fluid Introduction£®PDF£©                                 Detail£®PDF£©

Modified Starch for Drilling Fluid£®PDF£©                                            Detail£®PDF£©