Social responsibility
Focus on environment

Benzo is always caring about environment as an important factor to build core competence. As the executant of low-carbon economy, Benzo introduced low carbon into its development strategy in August, 2011.

We commit ourselves to becoming highly responsible and respectable enterprise for the harmonious development between society and environment and source-saving and environment-friendly enterprise by long-term effort in structure adjustment, technology innovation, new technology application, making exhaust of greenhouse gases from production process become lower and lower and danger to environment become smaller and smaller, and supplying low-carbon, clean and environmental friendly, safe and pollution-free products to society.

Green Operation

1.Produce clean products and reduce the exhaust of pollutant during consumption stage

At the same time of reducing pollutant from production process, Benzo has also been paying attention to produce clean products, reduce pollutant let in consumption period, operate stricter interior control standard, and continuously reduce source consumption and negative effect on environment during the stages of production and consumption to produce clean products.

2.Enhance the control of three wastes to meet emission standard

It is unavoidable to bring waste gas, waste water and waste dreg in fine chemical field. We attach great importance to control of the three wastes, and try every effort to meet emission standards and reduce negative effect on environment. In 2011, we gathered some expert teams specialized in arts&crafts, equipment, environmental management. They evaluated environmental protection in some enterprises, helped them analyze main problems in environmental protection management and operation of environmental protection equipments, and proposed improvement suggestions.

In June of 2011, we held an environmental protection meeting on which requirements were raised regarding some outstanding issues, including on eligible let of waste water, treatment of waste gas and dust, etc.

3.Develop Circular Economy to make waste profitable

Benzo has been developing circular economy, promote effective and circular use of source, promote integrated utilization of outgrowth, implement low consumption, low let and high efficiency, and implement reuse and reclamation to improve the availability of waste reuse.

4.Strengthen Ecological Protection and build ecological civilization

Fine chemical production is unavoidable to bring about some effect on ecological environment. Benzo has been paying attention to ecological recovery. By improving technology, optimizing source structure and reducing source consumption, we lower source cost and improve source-saving and environmental protection in new production process and try best to reduce negative effect on environment.

5. Improve staffs awareness on source-saving and environmental protection and involve all staff in environmental protection