Social responsibility
Focus on safety

During the development, Benzo has been insisting on the idea of ¡°Safety is the first, Safety is the most important and prior to everything¡±, seeking to set up completed safety management system, enhance safety management, improve staff occupational safety and health level, and build safety-guaranteed chemical enterprise. Benzo has passed the authentication of International Occupational Health&Safety Management Systerm(OHSAS18001) and been recognized as standard enterprise according to state standardized safety production assessment.

Implement the on-site management of 5S

Operate strictly the on-site management of 5S in production field

Complete risk management

Enhance the actions to reduce risk

Enhance swift feedback system in the case of risk occurrence

Ensure the application of basic safe practices

Stress safety production

  • Complete feasible safety production manual and strictly follow it
  • Direction, KY*2, Keep eyes, 3S *3
  • Enhance prevention to avoid repeated occurrence
  • Analyzing the reason of accident and HHT*4
  • Deepen the understanding by simulating

Enhance the measure to avoid accident

Fireproofing FP*5

Enhance disaster prevention and environmental measures in chemical base

Operate BCP for earthquake